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Streichensemble Going for Gold

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Going for Gold!
2 violins, opt. viola, cello, opt. double bass, piano

- Flexible scoring with optional viola and double bass parts, and optional divisi cellos
- Movements that can be performed individually or together as a suite to suit any concert situation
- Photocopiable string parts to enable performance by groups of all sizes-from one per part to massed string ensemble!
- Helpful Teacher's Notes with warm-up and performance suggestions
- Corresponds to the technical level of Fiddle Time Joggers, Viola Time Joggers, and Cello Time Joggers, with all sections using all fingers in Finger Pattern 1

A new addition to the popular String Time series, Going for Gold! is a fun suite of five pieces for junior strings, celebrating all things sporty. Inspired by activities from trampolining to skating, and with a range of styles and tempos, this entertaining suite is ideal ensemble repertoire. The pack contains full score, separate piano part, and photocopiable string parts: violin 1 (x4), violin 2 (x3), viola (x2), cello (x3), double bass (x1).
Herausgeber: Oxford University Press
'Streichensemble Going for Gold'...

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